Hospital Patient Services is guided by the belief that all patients should receive quality healthcare services regardless of insurance coverage or their ability to pay. We are committed to providing the resources to help the healthcare providers and their patients by offering a variety of services tailored to fit their needs and secure a payer source for medical services. Hospital Patient Services takes pride in the accomplishment of our Mission and the integrity of our organization.


Follow the philosophy that our clients and patients are the most important part of our business.
Be considered a leader in education for medical assistance programs.
Hospital Patient Services, in partnership with healthcare facilities, ensures that all uninsured and underinsured patients and their families will be provided with the opportunity to apply for medical assistance programs that are offered through State Medicaid.
Continue to educate our personnel and develop new techniques to better assist the healthcare provider and their patients.
Continue to promote a positive image, one that is educated, professional, and competent. Provide quality customer service to the healthcare provider and their patients.
Continue to be innovative and creative to ensure a positive result for the healthcare provider and to increase revenue.