List of Services

On site Medicaid Eligibility Services for Inpatient and Treat and Release
Off site Medicaid Eligibility Services for Inpatient and Treat and Release
Exclusive Prenatal Program
Transfer of Benefits
SSI/SSD (application assistance)
Fair Hearings
ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care Services)
Patient Education of the Medicaid process
Assistance with Victims Compensation
Assistance with Indian Health Services
In-services for the hospital staff on any of the listed services.

Medicaid Eligibility

HPS assists the hospital’s uninsured and underinsured patients through the application, qualification and if necessary the appeals process of obtaining Medicaid insurance coverage. HPS will contact the patient using a variety of communication methods. HPS will assess the patient’s needs, offer transportation and translation services, assist the patient with document retrieval, complete home visits, and review the patient for all potential Medicaid Programs.

The HPS Case Manager will remind the patient of their interview date and time, and make every effort to ensure that the patient is prepared for their appointment, complies with DES requests and requirements, and is present for their appointment. If a patient has moved or has not given correct demographic information, HPS will utilize a team of skip tracers to locate the patient and obtain the correct information in an effort to complete the process expeditiously.

HPS also specializes in a variety of programs that include ALTCS, (Arizona Long Term Care Services) and the SSI MAO FES (Supplemental Security Income Medical Assistance Only Federal Emergency Services) programs. If a patient has active benefits in another state and now resides in Arizona, HPS will initiate the Transfer of Benefits process. HPS will assist an out of state patient through the same application and qualification process in their own state of residence. It is important to keep the hospital informed of the case progression on every patient account. This is achieved by documenting the hospital’s computer system consistently on all referred patient accounts, participating in meetings and conferences with the hospital, and using a customized reporting system.

Prenatal Program

HPS has a very specialized Prenatal Program available. This program has proven to be a great success. We have assisted many patients, OB/GYN offices, physicians, and hospitals. The purpose of the Prenatal Program is to achieve the following:

Lower the number of “self-pay” and “drop in” deliveries.
Secure a payer source for the hospital and OB/GYN.
Assist all uninsured and underinsured pregnant women in obtaining Medicaid eligibility prior to delivering their baby.
Assist all uninsured and underinsured pregnant women in locating an OB/GYN if they do not already have one.
Assist all uninsured and underinsured pregnant women that are either undocumented or citizens that do not have prenatal care coverage in locating an OB/GYN that offers affordable prenatal care.
Assist the patient with the application and qualification process for Medicaid, and work with her during the entire pregnancy to ensure that the Medicaid coverage is extended so that she delivers with Medicaid coverage.
Educate the community, promote the hospital and the maternity services and resources that are available to them, provide additional community resources to the patients and their family.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Prenatal Program:

The hospital has secured a payer source for the patient and the baby prior to the delivery. This results in less “Drop In” self-pay and overall self-pay deliveries.
For the Undocumented patients, their eligibility is continuously renewed so that they and the baby are eligible at the time of delivery.
The hospital and the doctor can seek reimbursement for the delivery through the AHCCCS Plan or Program.
HPS also refers the patients to other outside agencies that may assist them such as WIC, Shelters, and Food Banks.


HPS has a reporting system that provides a status update on each account placed with HPS. The standard reports are very detailed and give an accurate assessment of each account. HPS will customize reports to fit the hospital’s business needs if additional information is needed. On a monthly basis these reports are provided to the hospital along with invoices, and placement recap reports. At any time a report can be furnished upon demand.

In addition to the reporting system, HPS has direct remote access to most of our client’s computer systems. The Case Managers document the case progression and detail on each patient account directly into the hospital’s database. At anytime the client can look up an account and find notes from HPS that provides current information.

HPS has made a commitment to offer the best services available, and to be second to none in our field. Many steps are taken to ensure that the work completed by HPS is accurate, complete, meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our Clients and their patients. This special attention to detail and our extensive knowledge of various Medicaid Programs have proven to be a successful combination.

The team at HPS would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our services with your hospital. We would be glad to provide a complete Business Proposal and Presentation for your hospital to provide further detail about our services.