Meet the HPS Team

The HPS Team

Hospital Patient Service (HPS) is a locally owned Medicaid Eligibility Company based in Phoenix, Arizona. HPS has been assisting health care facilities across the valley since December of 1994.
Hospital Patient Service understands the challenges that Arizona Hospitals face due to the growing self-pay population. With our complete understanding, knowledge and direct experience with Arizona State Medicaid Programs, HPS successfully assists uninsured and underinsured patients in the application and qualification process for State Medicaid. We are guided by the belief that all patients should receive quality healthcare service regardless of insurance coverage or their ability to pay. HPS is committed to providing resources and services tailored to fit the needs of healthcare facilities and their patients.
What is our HPS method? At HPS we take pride in all we do and consider ourselves a leader in our field. There is no eligibility screening process, no call centers, and no out of state representatives. We provide a personal approach by working side by side with patients until each case is completed. To HPS all patients are considered a priority and are given the chance to apply for services regardless of their circumstances.